What Are Support Services?

Support Services are designed to give seniors and their families ongoing peace of mind while the aging journey continues.

The Care Concierge will act as an ongoing advocate on retainer to families on behalf of themselves and their loved ones, to facilitate better and more accurate communication flowing both ways between family and community/facility, along with other supportive services as requested.

CCNE's Support Services breaks out into a few ‘branches’ of service: advocacy, coordination, and planning: 



Act as personal liaison from the family/resident to the care team, coordinating at least a monthly ‘check-in’ meeting with the team.

Attend scheduled care plan meetings in the community with the family.

Visit informally with the resident(s) as requested by the family, during unannounced visits to the community at different times of the day and week. These visits may include meal times, evenings, weekends, and other times when the resident may benefit from an encouraging visitor and a friendly face.


Coordination is an extension of advocacy. As needs change for the resident -- sometimes identified in a care plan, sometimes identified by family -- different services may be required.

The Care Concierge has identified Recommended Resources all over the state to help families streamline every part of the aging plan. These include: Elder law attorneys, Financial planners, Professional organizers and hoarder clean-up.

Other professionals, as well!


Planning is an extension of coordination. As needs change and residents age in place, the time may come in the future where different long-term or end-of-life care options need to be discussed.

The Care Concierge will help families navigate this delicate topic with grace and warmth, to ensure families can focus on what matters most -- spending time with their loved one. 


CCNE recognizes that most families are living with the reality that aging in our country can be expensive. To that end, CCNE will work on an affordable package determined after the initial consultation.

This is done so that families may receive services regardless of means, and that even families with few resources can receive the advocacy and support they deserve for them and their aging loved ones.


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